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Argent Maintenance & Support

  • Our support engineers first worked on Argent beta systems in 1997.
  • After the Argent launch in 1998 we enjoyed and benefited from a unique, direct relationship with the Network Alchemy / Avaya support department.
  • We have installed and support some of the largest Argent systems in the UK. In a recent project we installed more than 500 extensions across 8 sites linked together using Voice over IP.
  • Our engineers have resolved many Argent system faults when other highly accredited resellers have failed to do so.
  • Today we offer Argent users a highly skilled and comprehensive support service that provides system configuration, fault resolution & hardware swap out.
  • Contact us for advice or support on your Argent system.


NEW Argent Branch Version 2.3 Upgrade NEW

  • Despite the recent announcement that Argent development will cease after the new Version 2.3 code, we remain committed to the products.
  • If you are considering replacing an Argent system, call us first to see if the new release of Argent code together with our expertise means you can maximise your original investment and save you unnecessary expense and disruption


Argent Modules

  • Looking to buy extra modules for your existing Argent system?

  • Selling unwanted Alchemy Argent equipment?


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