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Netflow Monitor™

Cisco NetFlow services consist of high-performance IP switching features that capture a rich set of traffic statistics exported from Cisco routers and switches while they perform their switching functions. NetFlow traffic statistics include per-user, per-protocol, per-port, and per-type of service statistics. These statistics can be used by Network Managers for a wide variety of purposes, such as network analysis and planning. Web based graphical information is presented to the user showing statistics on elements such as source/destination, 'top talkers', protocol types and protocol load on the network. Individual NetFlow monitors would be installed at each network site where these statistics are required.

Product Benefits:-

1. LAN and WAN Bandwidth analysis without hardware probes - Offering an intuitive "drill down" into bandwidth utilisation without the complication and expense of hardware probes.
2. Completely Web-based - providing all authorised network users with access to information, which is relevant to them.
3. Integration With Crannog Netwatch™ - Netwatch™ complements Netflow Monitor™ by providing a customisable unified screen displaying network health and link status and providing an "in context" view of Netflow Monitoring.
4. Simple and Intuitive Graphical Format - which converts complex data into a clear view of bandwidth utilisation expressed as bytes transferred and percent utilization , all data accessed from a simple historical bandwidth graph.
5. Cost-effective Solution - unlike many other network management solutions which offer Cisco Netflow analysis, Netflow Monitor™ will run as a stand alone tool and does not require an expensive initial investment.
6. Windows Based - Netflow Monitor™ is ideal for deployment to all businesses requiring bandwidth analysis, based upon an NT4/2000/XP platform, it is simple to administrate and does not require the UNIX skills often associated with high end Netflow analysers.
7. Speedy Installation Process - Following initial router or switch configuration, Netflow Monitor™ can be installed in minutes.
8. Huge Potential Install Base - Cisco IP™ software supports Netflow statistical analysis in almost all routers and chassis-based layer 3 switches. Netflow Monitor™ effectively leverages the value of Cisco IOS™ and presents your sales team with a huge potential customer base.
It should be noted that Cisco Netflow data generation must be specifically enabled on each nominated Cisco router or switch. Netflow data generation requires specific Cisco IOS versions and configurations on the device in question. Depending on equipment specification additional memory may also be required for each device.

What is Netflow

Cisco IOS® NetFlow technology is an integral part of Cisco IOS Software that runs on the majority of all Cisco networking devices. NetFlow collects and measures data as it enters specific routers or switch interfaces. By analyzing NetFlow data, a network manager can identify the cause of congestion; determine the class of service (CoS) for each user and application; and identify the source and destination network for your traffic. NetFlow allows extremely granular and accurate traffic measurements and high-level aggregated traffic collection. Because it is part of Cisco IOS Software, NetFlow enables Cisco product-based networks to perform IP traffic flow analysis without purchasing custom probes--making traffic analysis economical on large IP networks.

NetFlow and Quality of Service (QoS)

NetFlow™ does not accelerate QoS services such as traffic classification or Committed Access Rate (CAR). Note that NetFlow™ itself is not a QoS feature; it simply captures the Quality of Service level of each flow

Key Points.
  • NetFlow™ does not require adoption of new or proprietary protocols or new generations of networking equipment. NetFlow™ is available today on most Cisco platforms.
  • NetFlow™ may be deployed incrementally, on an interface-by-interface basis on strategically located edge, aggregation or WAN access routers.
  • NetFlow™ data collection and export will also serve as a key enabler for flexible, differentiated IP services based on Cisco IOS QoS capabilities.
  • Crannog's NetFlow Monitor provides a commercially supported and cost effective solution to collect flow export data. Allowing users to perform real time and post-processing of statistics, providing storage and making flow detail records available to consumer applications in a convenient format

    Server Specification: Minimum requirement of Pentium III, 256MB Ram, 10GB Hard Disk, Windows NT/ 2000/ XP. This specification will increase based on number of devices monitored.

    Note that NetFlow Monitor should not be installed on the same machine as NetWatch.

Note: Crannog Netflow Monitor is available to download and run in evaluation mode for 4 hours.

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