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NetWatch™ is a web based, simple to use management tool that offers complete visibility of the health and status of network devices in a format that can be tailored for all levels of technical competence. It’s unique presentation style means that for the first time ever, business users of IT can view network operations or bandwidth usage and ensure that valuable network resources are allocated on a business basis rather than pre-determined by the IT department. This function in turn frees up already overworked IT staff to get on with their own jobs without spending half their life acting as ‘technical interpreters’ in business meetings.

Now Available: NetWatch 1.3

Also available: NetFlow Monitor uses Cisco NetFlow™ technology to give you more visibility than ever of your network traffic. NetFlow traffic statistics include per-user, per-protocol, per-port, and per-type of service statistics. These statistics can be used by Network Managers for a wide variety of purposes, such as network analysis and planning. Web based graphical information is presented to the user showing statistics on elements such as source/destination, 'top talkers', protocol types and protocol load on the network. Click here to find out more...

Netwatch™’s unique ‘user centric’ interface defines a new functional level of network management and provides a web based portal view of network resources. The high-end presentation element of the product allows for a wider audience to view and appreciate the health and parameters that the network is working under. Instead of providing typical ‘techie’ orientated graphs and charts Netwatch™ puts the information into a usable format so that network decisions can be made on a political or business basis rather than be determined by a technical resource that is poorly informed.

Product Benefits

  • Total LAN and WAN Management - often replacing or working in conjunction with traditional Element Managers such as CiscoWorks, Optivity or 3Com Transcend.
  • Completely Web-based – providing all authorised network users with access to information, which is relevant to them. The system administrator can implement variable access policies through individual Login ID’s and Passwords.
  • Simple and Intuitive Graphical Format – which converts complex data into a clear view of the network. For example, the colour of each node is dependent on the number of network events.
  • Bandwidth Utilisation Monitor – displays network usage patterns in real-time across all wide area links and LAN Uplink or server connections. The colour and width of each link is dependent on the percentage use of bandwidth.
  • Cost-effective Solution – unlike many other network management solutions, Netwatch™ does not require expensive hardware and is fully interoperable with all SNMP-based Network Management tools. In addition, capacity planning can be streamlined through its reporting feature, helping to reduce overall telecommunications costs.
  • Speedy Installation Process – Netwatch™ can be installed in as little as 20 minutes
  • Automatic Generation of Alerts through SMS, E-mail and the launching of additional user defined programs in case of network downtime or degradation of performance.
  • Customisation of Screenshots with the users own branding and preferred design can be easily created. Netwatch supports all of the main graphic file types including JPGs & GIFs.

    NetWatch 1.3

    The new release of NetWatch 1.3 includes a number of new features:

  • Archived Bandwidth Graphing - view high detail data from past days.
  • Improved utilisation graphing with peak utilisation, auto scaling and other options.
  • Customisable context menus in NetWatch Map views.
  • Response time graphing for SNMP and PING operations from the NetWatch server.
  • Fully configurable port scanning service You specify the ports you wish to scan.
  • Bandwidth Utilisation Alerting. Receive an alert if your traffic levels exceed a threshold.
  • Automatic Rescanning of devices. If a router is rebooted or NetWatch restarted, NetWatch will detect when interfaces are added or removed.

    NetWatch 1.3 Downloads

    View the
    NetWatch Manual

    Download the NETWATCH™ Brochure

Note: Crannog Netwatch is available to download and run in evaluation mode.

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