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Data Only Connection

In this example, the main server is situated at Site A and a data connection is required from Site B so that users there can access it.


Option 1

Rent a Kilostream or Megastream service from BT and connect a router to the circuit at each end.

Pros: No extra costs and the circuit is for your use only.

Cons: Can be relatively expensive if large distance between sites



Option 2

Rent an EPS circuit from BT (which is in effect a long wire between the two buildings) and connect suitable equipment to each end of it.

Pros: Very cheap and possibly high speed circuit compared to Kilostream and Megastream.

Cons: Each site has to be on same telephone exchange. Limited service level agreement on EPS circuits.


Option 3

Install ADSL Broadband at each site and connect suitable equipment at each site to create an encryted data connection between the two offices across the Internet

Pros: Cheap high speed connection with no extra costs. Enables teleworkers to access office server from home.

Cons: Variable speed, limited service level agreement on ADSL.


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