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Are you paying too much for your telephone calls?...Click here to save money!

Do you want to pay less for your Telephone Calls?

Send us a copy of your latest telephone bill and we will obtain a full report identifying the amount that you would save by switching to our service

What will it cost me to set this up?
Nothing! You can become a client today totally free of charge.

Will I need to make any changes to my setup to have this service ?
None at all! Because calls are routed via Carrier Pre-Selection at the BT exchange, you will not need to make any changes to your existing telephone setup, or install any new equipment whatsoever, to benefit from our services!

Am I tied in to a contract ?
No! We have a rolling agreement that allows you to cancel, without penalty, should you ever have reason to do so.

Do you give itemised bills ?
We give you as much or as little itemisation as you require. We offer a choice of bills on paper or electronically..

I have ISDN lines. Can I still use the service?
Whether you have ISDN 2 or ISDN 30, you can still use the service in exactly the same way.

Do I have to leave BT?
No! You continue to pay your line rental to BT, who continue to look after your lines in the usual way.

I have cable lines, can you help me?
Carrier Pre-Selection cannot be used in conjunction with the cable network, however, we may be able to help you subject to a survey.


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