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  • Business telephony system for small-to-medium sized companies
  • Totally scalable from 8 to 5,000 extensions
  • Support for Analogue & IP Phones
  • Single multi-site, system with fully replicated LDAP database
  • Allows geographical independence - Hot Desking - a user is not location sensitive
  • Hardware & software redundancy and interchange flexibility - investment protection into the future
  • Constructed around open, industry standard interfaces LDAP, H.323/H.450, HTML and TAPI

4 System Module variants

  • 4100 Call Server (Up to 300 Extensions - Analogue and/or IP per unit. Up to 38 ISDN trunks)
  • 4140 Call Server (Up to 40 Extensions - Analogue and/or IP per unit. Up to 4 ISDN2e trunks)
  • 4200 Trunk Module (Ideal for resilience or for large companies in conjunction with the Admin 4100)
  • 4315 and 4330 Phone Modules (15 or 30 Analogue phones per unit - IP LAN Linked - not TDM - Utilizes standard cabling or wireless LAN.)

Maximiser & PCS 400

The SpliceCom Business Telephone Range

SpliceCom have designed a 21st Century Business Telephone Application - the Proactive Communications Station (PCS) - that reflects the intuitive use and operation associated with Mobile Phones, but delivered with today’s business requirements in mind. The PCS application can be supplied as software only ( PCS 50 ) or running on a dedicated IP hardware terminal: The PCS 400 full colour, touchscreen phone. The PCS 100 is a dedicated, IP System Phone, whilst the PCS 10 is a Traditional business phone which completes the range. All physical PCS terminals can be desk or wall mounted.



Probably the Best Business Telephone in the World. Uniquely, the PCS 400 provides 640 x 480 full colour touch screen access to dedicated easy to use, icon driven, system features and much, much more including Web, Intranet, IP Video/Web Cam access and web-enabled content delivery. The PCS 400 provides an integrated desktop LAN switch with Quality of Service (QoS) allowing it to be run 'in serial' with a desktop PC and does not require the installation of a dedicated socket.



The PCS 100 is an IP Phone presented as a conventional business telephone, which compares favourably with dedicated Digital System Phones provided on traditional PBX and Key Systems. The PCS 100 delivers Caller ID, a dedicated Direct Station Select/Busy Lamp Field and eight context sensitive keys for simple and easy access to system features



The PCS 50 is the software only version of the Proactive Communications Station. Compatible with Windows, Mac OS X and Linux it can be installed on the User’s desktop or Laptop PC and can be used to “partner” the PCS 100, PCS 10, PCS 5 or existing Analogue Phones. Alternatively, when a USB handset, or headset/microphone – or even a Bluetooth headset in the case of the Mac OS X variant - is connected to the PC it can be used as an IP Softphone.


PCS 10

The PCS 10 has been specifically developed for SpliceCom, to meet the traditional telephony needs demanded of a maximiser system phone. Extremely easy to use thanks to its clear display, ten preprogrammed system function keys and integrated voicemail management, the PCS 10 is a stylishly designed and fully featured terminal.


Analogue Phone

Many businesses will have already deployed large quantities of Analogue phones for use with their old telephone systems. In most cases these can be reused with maximiser – and further energized through the use of a PCS 50 running as a “partner” to the phone.


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