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Voice and Data Connection

In this example, the main server is situated at Site A and a data connection is required from Site B so that users there can access it.

The users at each site can also make free calls to telephone extensions in the other office.


Option 1

Rent a Kilostream or Megastream service from BT and connect a combined phone system and router to the circuit
at each end.

Pros: No extra costs and the circuit is for your use only. Free phone calls between sites. This would be the preferred solution if you wanted to pass customer phone calls between sites.

Cons: Can be relatively expensive if large distance between sites


Option 2

Rent an EPS circuit from BT (which is in effect a long wire between the two buildings) and connect suitable equipment to each end of it.

Pros: Very cheap and possibly high speed circuit compared to Kilostream and Megastream. This would be the preferred solution if you wanted free phone calls between your offices but didn't want to pass customer calls between sites.

Cons: Each site has to be on same telephone exchange. Limited service level agreement on EPS circuits.


Option 3

Install ADSL Broadband at each site and connect suitable equipment at each site to create an encryted data connection between the two offices across the Internet

Pros: Cheap high speed connection with no extra costs. Free phone calls between sites. Enables teleworkers to access central servers and make / take telephones calls as if they were in the office.

Cons: Variable speed, limited service level agreement on ADSL.

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